Murder by Suicide – Suspense (with Frank D’Angeli)

The victim is the suspect, if only he weren’t dead.

Sold to Universal Pictures.

Stranded. Sci-fi thriller (with Frank D’Angeli)

Six astronauts leave a doomed Earth with a database of DNA strands, but a journey of hope turns into an odyssey of terror as the crew members and the strands are killed off one-by-one.

Top 10% in the Nicholl screenwriting competition.

The Tractor King of Bulgaria – Drama

Inspired by actual events, a U.S. retail executive ends up in the chaos of post-communist Bulgaria, trying to trade tractors for sunflowers.

Finalist in the Nantucket Film Festival.

Fear the Meat – Comedy

The best – and only – vegetarian/mobster/comedy/semi-musical.