stage plays

CAPITAL – comedy

A comedy that, piling irony upon irony, asks the burning question: How can two guys kill someone who was going to kill someone who killed someone in order to show that killing someone who killed someone is wrong?

Winner of the GTC National New Play Initiative. Recommended by LA Weekly.

Premiered at the Grove Theater Center.

“A tart and vicious Ortonesque diatribe, aiming its arrows at several juicy targets at once.” -Orange County Register

Hogan’s comedy about the ironic illogic of killing people who kill people suggests ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches on steroids.” -Los Angeles Times

NO SIT – NO STAND – NO LIE – tragicomedy

One man’s memories of tenderness and cruelty, romance and torture.

Opened the ‘Resilience of the Spirit’ Human Rights Festival in San Diego, California.

Premiered at 6th@Penn Theatre.

“…jarring, questioning, bizarre and comedic…” -San Diego Theater Scene

GLOBAL BEDROOM FARCE – one-act comedy

Countries, ideologies, and bedrooms.

Winner of the Claire Donaldson Competition.

Premiered at Augustana University.


A play within a play (within a play) about the novelist Flann O’Brien who, at the age of 29, gives birth to two fully grown children: The Irish Times columnist, Myles na gCopaleen and the civil servant, Brian O’Nolan. 


Six ambitious young people are engaged in illegal genetic manipulation experiments on a remote island in the South Pacific.  When sexual and other personal politics preclude their ability to work together, they believe they’ve found the solution in Margaret Mead’s classic book, Coming of Age in Samoa

Workshopped at Theatre West.

OFFLINE DATERS – one-act comedy

The other way to meet.

Premiered at the New Play Cafe.