Why I Write

Why I Write
Looking Out

I write because I am a prisoner.

I write because there exists, beyond the walls of my preconceptions and just outside the barriers of my inventiveness, another story.

It’s not wholly personal or cultural or factual. It’s not religious or utopian. Nor is it political. It’s all of these things, or some, or none of them. It’s unknown, untold; it’s novel.

I write to discover that new story – the one that will set me free.

My novel is available here: The Last Island

4 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. I wrote something yesterday about writing too, why I do it. Unusual for me to share or to talk about myself directly. I posted it yesterday on my blog/magazine. I don’t think telling a story sets me free, though.


  2. Love the phrase “beyond the walls of my preconceptions.” To get beyond them, we first have to recognize them! An endeavor well worth the effort, I’m sure.


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